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A Crow Left of the Murder

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  • This is a very difficult album for Incubus to make. Despite securing a quality bassist in Ben Kenney to replace Dirk Lance, losing a founding member and longtime friend impedes the chemistry of previous albums and leaves the band with the daunting task of creating a new, working formula. With “A Crow Left of…” the band delves into semi-new waters, displaying some maturity in both lyrical and musical content. Unfortunately, gone are the refreshing percussion elements of djembe, dijeridoo, bongos; the trippy, unique, drawn-out instrumental track openings (replaced by more standard, mid-song instrumentals); the positivity credo of “Don’t let the world bring you down”; the necessary D.J. interplay. Brought to the table is more sophisticated guitar work; more soul-searching and disconcerting lyrics; a new vibe. You can’t blame them for putting emotions on their sleeves. Despite the fact that the album is solid overall, I believe the true creative talent of Incubus is better harnessed with a kickback, mellow vibe in the hills of Malibu overlooking the ocean than in the Lollapalooza tour bus and a Hot-lanta studio. Incubus is true music by true artists. They are absolutely amazing in every facet.

    Posted on March 7, 2010