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A Death-Grip On Yesterday

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  • I went through and read most of the reviews for this cd and I must say it made me sick. What is wrong with people? A band changes just a bit and they are sellouts. News flash people…if bands didn’t change then every album would sound the same.
    Now, getting to the cd. Suicide Notes & Butterfly Kisses is the first hardcore album I ever listened to…so naturally when I saw that Atreyu was releasing Death-Grip I was more than excited. This cd is in my opinion the best material they have ever put out. I believe that Atreyu has become more than just another hardcore band, and this album proves it. There is alot more singing than in their previous releases…but who says that’s a bad thing. The guitars are alot cleaner sounding and blend together almost flawlessly with the bass. The drums are still as good as ever…if not better. Also, not only does Alex own this cd with his destructive screaming…he has learned to sing as well.
    All in all I say anyone that enjoys GOOD music and not the mainstream [...] that gets pumped into your ears by mtv should go buy this cd now. If you think it sucks or Atreyu sold out then you are a complete and total moron and you should just go back to listening to crappy bands like Korn or Mudvayne and continue hating your life.

    Stand out tracks:
    We Stand Up, The Theft, Untitled Finale, Creature

    Posted on February 23, 2010