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A Death-Grip On Yesterday

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  • Atreyu are without a doubt one of the most commercially successful metalcore bands out there, alongside Killswitch Engage and As I Lay Dying. The difference is these guys are trying to expand on their fanbase without worrying about what “scene kids” think. So f*ckin be it, theyre still sounding great. It opens with a mid-tempo song, Creature, a song that proves you dont have to come out of the gates with a fast track right away to get the listener’s attention. One of the best songs is the lightest one theyve ever written, The Theft. Alex actually does clean singing in this song which is a first, showing hes got some more confidence. The weakest track is probably the first single, Ex’s and Oh’s, its got a catchy chorus and not much else. In comparison to the other albums its hard to figure where to put this, they dont mind slowing things down a bit on Deathgrip, and theyre not enslaved to the “must have at least one breakdown in each song” mentality that most metalcore bands fall victim to. It was a logical next step to have more melody on their latest album, so the sell-out cries from some scenesters dont hold much weight.

    Posted on February 23, 2010