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A Death-Grip On Yesterday

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  • I think this album is very good, because it has nine songs which is a key element to hooking you in, that way you wont get tired of the sound that there producing on this album. I dont know why people hate when a song is catchy, ex’s and oh’s is a great song and is unique to the transition of singing to screaming which Atreyu is king of, except this time out Alex sings a bit and Brandon(drummer) screams a bit, opposite the usual formula, what do you expect, if i were part of the band i would do the same thing. That song is awesome and i love the rhythm in the first line where he says: “Cold rust taste, a cruel creeping cold pain, do you understand what i mean, when you feel your sould drop to the floor, like a hole like an open bleeding sore, bled like i bled, wept like i wept”, its almost like a tongue twister and sounds cool(genius). All of you Atreyu haters, dont put them down just because they got talent, Alex’s scream is unlike others where the rhythm takes alot more talent. I think its harder to belch(deepthroat) his lyrics than most other frontman, the unique rhythm is tremendously catchy and the way he transends from singing now is genius. Listen to songs: “Our Sick Story” and “My Fork In the Road” and read the lyrics. This song is a great song i would dedicate to any ex i had(hate). They provide the energy that most hardcore bands lack, cmon guys its Atreyu, they define the word Hardcore, not metalcore like others, HARDCORE! It carries enough guitar solos to keep the tunes in your head, not too many which is not overdoing it(avenged sevenfold). I still like A7X though, because a true fan appreciates decisions the band makes and stays loyal, and i would’nt put them down like some shallow fans I noticed who reviewed Atreyu. I mean cmon, I was introduced to waken the fallen and suicide notes and butterfly kisses at the same time, Atreyu stayed hardcore while A7X flipped the script. I could distinguish Atreyus sound above the rest, unique(the crimson). My opinion, Trivium = Metalcore, Atreyu = Hardcore. Listen to the difference, i love both bands.
    Another good deepthroater i like is frontman from a band called “versus the mirror”. My vocals would be gone if i tried it, but talented and catchy once again.

    Posted on February 23, 2010