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A Death-Grip On Yesterday

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  • well i must say that this album wasnt anything that i expected. i had heard the first single Ex’s and Oh’s from Victory Records website and i was shocked to say the least when i heard alex singing instead of screaming for the first time. but as time went on and i listened to it more and more, i found that not only do they sound better then before but they have also evolved into something better. with tracks like creature and my fork in the road, it shows they havent lost there old roots but with songs like the theft, it also shows that they are able to do something new. for me, i think that the theft is the best song the album has to offer. its proves that atreyu dosent have to make something heavy to make a good song. alex can sing as well as scream and i think this song proves that. all and all, i think this album is the best that atreyu has made so far and i hope that whatever they choose to make in the future is as good if not better then a deathgrip on yesterday.

    Posted on February 23, 2010