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A Different Kind of Pain

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  • I have been a long time fan of Cold. The newer more mellow Cold is definately the best sound they have produced yet. The third album “Year of the Spider” is not too far behind and that is for sure, but the old cold was not as emotional and vocally talented as the the new Cold. Cold has lost some talent intramentally, yet I don’t see this as a bad thing. Scooter Ward is so talented vocally there is no need for instruments to attempt to drown him out. Give ward the stage! This fresh sound from cold is certainly implemented in the title track, as it is only ward and his beloved piano for the most part of the song. The intruments are there but there is certainly no need. The song writing ability of Ward can not be matched by anyone in the rock genre. This is a kind of parent-friendly grunge-flavored soft rock that 1-ups every kind of alternative rock out there which seems to be all screams and F-bombs nowadays. If you like rock this is the album for you. If it doesn’t hit the spot the first time try round two and you will agree.

    Posted on November 13, 2009