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A Different Kind of Pain

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  • What a year for Cold this will turn out to be. Following the success of Cold’s preceding 2003 album, “Year of The Spider”, Scooter Ward and the band (with a few new members) have decided to make their triumphant return to our eardrums. And we can only sit, smile, and thank them for this act of kindness.

    Cold have come back with their 2005 release “A Different Kind of Pain”, for the Cold Army to enjoy. And a very “different” kind of pain, this is. While yes, the lyrics are still as angsty as ever, the message within the album seems to kind of veer into a sense of hopefulness, if you look deep down enough into it.

    Practically all of the given song titles, are hard-hitting melodic songs, with strong messages. So in MANY ways, “A Different Kind of Pain”, can compare itself to “Year of The Spider.” There’s a little bit of everything on here for the Cold Army to enjoy. Ballads, rock songs, slow moving songs, etc. The only thing that differs from “Year of The Spider”, is that “A Different Kind of Pain” contains absolutely no “angry” songs. And by “angry” I mean hardcore “cuss you out and scream my lungs out” songs like “Kill The Music Industry.”

    But who says there should be any songs like that on this album? This is a very personal album that comes from within Scooter himself about his battle with addiction and an awry relationship, and sometimes expressing deep things like this shouldn’t be, “hardcore” at all.

    So if you’re looking for songs to get angry to, walk away. This isn’t the Cold album for you.

    But the rest of you whom aren’t making expectations for Colds new release, are in for a real treat. This album is by far Colds most emotional and real down to earth one, to date. While “Year of The Spider” finds itself digging a little deeper, “A Different Kind of Pain” still doesn’t disappoint. It’s almost a sister-album, or an exact followup concept “Spider” album. So I can already tell you, that fans of “Year of The Spider”, will defanantly without a doubt in the world, enjoy this.

    What is “A Different Kind of Pain”, to me? It’s an an eleven chapter story of addiction, heartbreak, recovery, and hope. Told by the band Cold, from the mind of frontman, Scooter Ward. Each song in itself, being more meaningful than the last. Absolutely no song on this new release, doesn’t belong on this album. And all songs are absolutely tollerable, and will probably leave any avid Cold fan, coming back for listen after listen.

    Subjectwise, “A Different Kind of Pain” follows along the subject lines of Scooter’s hardships over his addiction to alcohol and drugs, and his most recent breakup. Yet in a way, gives one a sense of hopefulness. It’s an album with a strong message that shouldn’t be taken lightly, nor ignored.

    The CD’s single “Happens All The Time”, is catchy, and straight to the point. And is well deserving to be the first single of the album. The other 10 tracks, are great as well. The track “A Different Kind of Pain”, is a moving ballad that will probably become a favorite for anyone who liked the slower stuff Cold put out, in the past such as “Confession” (from 13 Ways to Bleed on Stage) and “Gone Away” (from Year of The Spider).

    Again, ADKOP is a very moving album, and to date, I am very prepared to say, is one of Cold’s BEST releases. Or quite possibly, best release, period. The original cd title for ADKOP was, “The Calm That Killed The Storm”, which sounds alot better, if you ask me. But it’s not the title of the cd that makes the music good, it’s the music itself, and this cd does not fail.

    It’s actually a pretty inspiring album with a positive message in it, despite the fact it sounds like one big midlife-crisis. It kind of leaves the listener with a feeling of not wanting to give up on the good things he and or she holds dear, in life. And that if he and or she ever wants something in life, to just not give up, and it will eventually come to them, and be theirs. It’s an album of complete inspiration and hope.

    In the end, after listening to ADKOP you may feel a bit let down, thinking that Scooter and co. could’ve beefed up their act, and gone a bit more “heavy”, but…this isn’t the place, time, or album, to even complain about that. This album is very personal, and for a fan to complain about it not being heavy enough, when Scooter is pouring his honest heart out here, is disrespectful to not only his efforts, but him as a person.

    This is HONESTLY a great album, and one of Cold’s best to date. There’s really no song on this, that I don’t like. I enjoy the whole cd, and that’s something I RARELY say about any cd, nowdays.

    I highly suggest this, for old and new fans alike. It’s guarinteed to be just as moving and emotional as Cold have ever been. Just don’t expect anything heavy.

    So in closing, this album not only meets expectations, but actually captivates me to a point in which I feel the inner drive to replay the album over and over, it’s just that good and meaningful to me. Nothing falls short of perfection here. It can quite literally be, “the soundtrack of your life” if you let it be. This is…if you haven’t given that title, to “Year of The Spider”, already. And if you have, this could very well be, part 2 of that soundtrack.

    Cold are back and have done it again.

    They’ve put out yet another meaningful album for you to sit back, turn on, crank up, and relate to in almost every single way. It’s too bad the album is so short. But don’t let that fact stop you.

    Some track highlights include:

    -Tell Me Why
    -A Different Kind of Pain
    -Feel It In Your Heart

    All of which (to me) showcase the best of the best, that ADKOP has to offer.

    Bottom line:

    Purchase this. You will not be disappointed.

    Posted on November 13, 2009