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A Haunting Curse

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  • I’ve always liked things I’ve heard from Goatwhore, but it’s finally on “A Haunting Curse” where they bring all of the elements together – songwriting, musicianship, vocals and crystal clear production. The result is one of the heaviest, meanest, yet very catchy, listens of the year.

    This is a criminally underappreciated band and album, but with a recent appearance as in studio guests on Headbanger’s Ball, bigger touring gigs and more press coverage they are finally on the verge of breaking out as stars leading a new wave of brutal modern extreme metal.

    Musically, the band is proficient in all areas, and completely relentless. No respite from the constant pummeling will be offered as you listen. Sound could be described as aggressive black metal influenced death metal, with a dose of their southern heritage and New Orleans attitude thrown into the mix.

    Vocally, Ben Falgoust delivers a very strong performance. It’s a rarity in extreme music where the vocalist is integral enough to almost out shadow the band, but this is the case with Ben’s vocal delivery. Sinister throaty yells and death metal growls act as another instrument terrorizing every track with malevolence. This guy really gets it done behind the mic. Killer vox here.

    If you are a fan of the ever evolving brutal music scene, I would think it would be difficult to not like this record, and this band. Highly recommended, and buckle your seat belts.

    Recommended track for testing the Goatwhore waters: “Alchemy of the Black Sun Cult”

    Posted on February 26, 2010