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A Haunting Curse

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  • A Haunting Curse is a very solid Goatwhore release. Vocals are less harsh, production more crisp, and it’s plain to see that the band has gravitated toward a more aggressive and direct death metal sound, rather than the inverted goat raping blitzkrieg of their past albums. None are “black metal” in the traditional 1994 “let’s wear corpse paint and stab members of other bands” sense, in spite of the lyrical content and art which may suggest otherwise. You’ll find no graveyards and dead angels here, but if you like your metal with less cheese and more testosterone, this is the Goatwhore album for you.

    Goatwhore sound okay on record, but they’re incredible to behold in a live setting. Ben Falgoust is one of the most charismatic frontmen in the history of live metal, despite the fact that he wears the same outfit (including gauntlets) to every gig.

    Posted on February 27, 2010