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A Higher Place

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  • A Higher Place picks up RIGHT where A New Reign left off, with the building beautiful piano section on Rebirth (same one from The Takeover). Immediately following, we are made aware than Born of osiris means business on Elimination. Hard hitting, Heavy riffs, changing time signatures, and their signature progressive feel. However something is different right away.

    Less Breakdowns, More melody and more structure. The Synth becomes even more of a key component as it gives each song its colour and character. They make the songs feel as though they have direction, and the result ends up being an epic sound.

    Not to say there aren’t some tasty breakdowns. There ARE! And the melodies that are layered over the breakdowns compliment them quite well and add to their originality. However, in place of some of the traditional breakdowns we’re used to, Born often breaks down into a jazzy beat that shocks yet pleases. My favourite case of this is on the track “Starved”.

    Some Standout Tracks: (This was so hard as every track is unique.. not often the case in this genre)

    Elmination – Heavy and progressive, yet finds and epic and beautiful feel near its ending.

    Now Arise – Catchy and heavy, has one of my fave endings. Wicked breakdowns

    Exist – Catchiest song/breakdowns since Abstract art. Unbelievably original breed of Death Jazz

    Thrive – Best of every world. Just a great song with heavy breakdowns and melodies.

    Faces of Death – What an ending to this album! Love the major key riffing in the end and the nice synth touches. Fantastic!

    Overall, Born of osiris went from being a young and aspiring technical death metal band, to a master of their domain. They have truly settled into their own unique sound and have set the bar for song writing and technicality in this genre… and any genre for that matter. Please Check this out

    Posted on January 28, 2010