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A Higher Place

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  • I will agree that Born of Osiris did mature somewhat on this album in that they don’t rely on breakdowns anymore. My problem with this album is that breakdowns are what made Born of Osiris interesting in my opinion. Im sorry but I still enjoy a good breakdown even though the metalcore scene is so watered down these days. “New Reign” had some awesome breakdowns and the way they incorporated the keyboards into them was awesome. “Higher Place” would’ve been a lot more enjoyable to me if they used the same production value and songwriting, but had the awesome mosh pit inducing breakdowns that had me gorilla stomping in my bedroom when I first listened to “New Reign.” Instead Born of Osiris wrote an album in which all the songs pretty much sound the same and gets kind of boring. I read an interview from these guys and they said that they were going to “mature” their sound and reduce the amount of breakdowns that they use. Sorry guys, don’t quit what you’re good at.

    Posted on January 29, 2010