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A Kind of Magic

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  • A Kind of Magic seems a bit uninspired to me.Although the band is as confident and sharp as ever in their execution,the songwriting is weak.

    One Vision is an 80’s style Queen rocker,although the “rock”at this stage in their career seemed to be getting pushed further back in favor of pop.It’s A Kind of Magic I belive is a brilliant pop song in every aspect,even though I thought it was a Pepsi commercial when I first heard it.We are a long ways from Ogre Battle and March of the Black Queen here follks!

    One Year of Love is a standard love song with sax solo and over the top Freddie vocals.Pain is so close to Pleasure has Freddie singing in falsetto over bass heavy synths and in terms of Queen’s best,is very lackluster.Friends will be Friends has never done much for me.

    Who Wants to Live Forever is a great cinematic epic by Brian.Gimme the Prize,while very pedestrian in it’s structure,has a monsterous vocal attack by Freddie and Brian May’s faux bagpipe guitar solo.Don’t Lose Your Head is a drum and synth heavy number by Roger Taylor,and is a complete waste,uninspired background techno,stupid lyrics,etc.Why Roger why?Princes of the Universe is a charging balls to the wall rocker by Freddie where it seems they’re trying to retain some of the old Queen elements.

    This album has it’s merits but it’s simply too lackluster to hold up to the best of Queen.Even The Works was more inspired than this,and there are too many limp songs on this album.It seems Queen moved very far away from their bluesy/prog rock roots during the 80’s.At times it seems Freddie and the boys are pop stars TRYING to rock out.And the songs that are memorable are so over the top you either love them or loathe them it can seem at times.

    Luckily,with the followup album The Miracle,Queen finally fused all the elements together and made a good modern hi-tech pop album(though by no means classic or perfect).To me,they never again(even with the pomp of Innuendo)were able to make albums filler free,without one wince inducing number to make you say”What were they thinking?”.

    But to paraphrase,”Yes,they kept on trying………”

    Posted on January 4, 2010