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A Kind of Magic

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  • Queen is one of the best bands ever, and this is one of their best albums, and probably one of the top five of the mid-eighties. Many of these songs are included in the film “Highlander.” This album has something for everyone. “One Vision” is a world anthem, “Princes of the Universe” and “Kurgan’s Theme” will get you pumped, “Who Wants To Live Forever” is beyond beautiful, “One Year Of Love” is perfect for the likes of Trisha Yearwood, “Pain Is So Close to Pleasure” and “A Kind of Magic” are classic 80’s songs, “Friends Will Be Friends” is something that I’d expect to be played at a place where friendship is the theme, “Forever” is a beautiful instrumental version of “Who Wants to Live Forever,” and should be played at the funeral of every diehard Queen fan. I would reccomend this album to any fan of Queen, Highlander, 80’s music, or just anyone wanting to hear some kick-ass stuff. A message to the dude from Farming Hills: My advice to you is to go back and give this album another listen, I’m sure you’ll change your tune. And if you think that Hot Space is better than Innuendo, you better think again, Innuendo is their best album, and I highly reccomend it to you, and everyone reading this.

    Posted on January 4, 2010