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A Lethal Dose of American Hatred

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  • It sucks to have to say that because I used to worship Phil when he was in Pantera. There’s no way around it, Down was a horrible band. Simple, recycled, redneck sounding riffs with some palm muting does not make for a good “blues-metal” band. As Down 2 came out, Phil’s vocals just got worse and worse. Then SJR came out with their first CD which had some pretty thrashy stuff at times but still showed the decline in Phil’s vocals. This is the album that has officially made me start to hate Anselmo. Playing 3 chords and screaming meaningless crap over and over again in a failed, laughable attempt to be a hardass isn’t thrash or metal. “Waiting for the Turning Point” and “Dress Like a Target” are horrible songs that just sound like fillers that could have been added to the first SJR. The cover of their CD has a sticker that says “I believe this band right here deserves your utmost respect”. Haha. Phil’s got a major god complex that really needs to get sorted out because he sucks. His attempts to prove he’s the most brutal metalhead out there gets on my nerves so much, I’m actually wishing he would sell out and write pretty love ballads. It can’t be as bad as this garbage. Necrophagia sucks too. Phil’s ONLY good band is Pantera. No way around it.

    Posted on December 2, 2009