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  • With Derrick Green maturing nicely as the front man, they have proven they can build on the name, make a truly great tour that was one of the best I have seen. A rather great and complete metal album. Brutal, honest, heavy and addictive.

    Posted on January 8, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • A great band always writes its best work in face of criticism, and Sepultura proves this with A-Lex.
    I started listening to Sepultura in the Derrick Green era. So I can’t compare this to the previous work (Max-era), nor do I care for it. What I can say is that each album starting from Roorback has been a step up. Sadastic Values is, I believe, the best song on the album. Clocking in at almost 7 minutes, it is also the longest and consists of two sections. The first part is a brooding and atmospheric piece until Jean Dolabella’s drums kick in followed by Andreas’ haunting melody. The songs shifts gears at around 3:20 with the double bass and razor sharp riffs leading to the scalding second section of the song. Andreas is just on top of his game here, absolutely superb riffing – superfast with incredible precision. You have to listen to this song to appreciate it. Other stand-outs include “Filthy Rot”, “What I Do”, “Conform” and “Strike”; but really there isn’t a weak song here. This is a concept album and the songs really do justice to the flow of the story.
    With regards to personnel, I will miss Iggor, but Jean is just a beast behind the skins. Derrick delivers venom in all his screaming but also hits his high notes perfectly; check out “Forceful Behavior”. Guitar work incredible as usual. Overall, well worth the 3 year wait. If you are into the Derrick Green-era Sepultura – you will love this…the best of the lot. Well worth the money.

    Posted on January 8, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Sepultura has been out there, pounding our ears for decades now. They may not have achieved fame in America found by more mainstream thrashers, but they have been a heavy metal fan’s band for those who respect the noise. Either through Cavalera or Green, Sepultura cannot be denied.

    A-lex is not an album made of tracks or singles. Let’s face it, this is not the 80s and people in America are not screaming for metal like they used to. The landscape has changed. But this album is solid and worthy of many accolades. It has a cohesive feel to it. Though there are breaks with the titular songs, almost like interludes, there is still a feeling that this album is an album and not a collection of songs.

    I liken it to both Arise and Dante XXI, especially the latter. True, both are related to/based on literature, but more importantly, both Dante XXI and A-lex get close to some sort of rock-opera feel. Not cheesy, just thematic.

    I like the orchestral, symphonic feel of Ludwig Van. But then I like classical music anyway. Buy it. Enjoy. Like the guys from Kyuss say on Sky Valley, listen without interruption.

    Posted on January 8, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This is, to me, possibly Sepultura’s most consistent album since “Arise”. The songwriting and textures the reach here is AMAZING my friends. I think they couldn’t get to that level of strenght in an album again but here we are. If you’re a new-comer to Sepultura you would do great starting your collection right here!!! I have liked almost every record by them but when it comes to consistency this album really outstands!!!

    Here’s something for every Sepultura fan and more than you would expect.
    Every song is great, even “Ludwig Van” which I think is very classy, very mature. They should be very proud of that one. The rest of the songs are incredible metal music, straight to the point. “Strike” (listen to that one), “The Experiment”, “Metamorphosis”, “Sadistic Values”, “What I Do!”. NEW SEPULTURA CLASSICS RIGHT THERE. Jean Dolabella is one hell of a drummer (listen to final section of “The Treatment” or “Paradox” or “Moloko Mesto”)

    No time for the stupid whining. “we want max” “max is Sepultura” OMG!!! Please people get a life!!!!!!!! I don’t care about Max no more. I’m sick and tired of all the people denigrating Sepultura’s work just beacuse Max left more than 12 years ago!!!! COME ON!! GET OVER IT. Period.

    How can you be so miserable to deny the great work on the Derrick Green albums?? I challenge you (use the comment section) to listen to “A-Lex” (especially) or “Nation” or “Against” or “Roorback” or “Dante XXI” an tell me objectively that they can’t hold up to ANY other Sepultura album. Here, Listen to “Beneath The Remains” and then right after listen to “A-Lex” (in its entirely of course) an tell me the later sucks. I DEAR YOU!!!!

    This is a new age for Sepultura. One age that started with “Dante XXI” and continues with this superb album that tops almost every other record from Sepultura. But without a doubt this is better than “Roots” (way more focused) which I think is an extremely overrated.

    If like heavy stuff, this will blow you away!!!!!! Classic Sepultura album!!!!

    Posted on January 8, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I have an old college roommate (and still a good friend) who is a thrash/speed metal man. During our stint rooming together,there was one day that we sat around drinking a few beers and he broke out Sepultura’s Chaos A.D. It was fantastic to say the least. When I’m in the mood for something that makes me feel like I want to drive 100+ mph, Chaos A.D. is quickly in hand. I also bought and listened to Roots but not nearly as much as Chaos. After Roots, Max Cavalera was out of the band and I didn’t really follow Sepultura anymore. Oddly enough, I didn’t latch on to Max’s new bands Soulfly or Cavalera Conspiracy either.

    I had heard from my friend that Sepultura really went back to their thrash roots after Max’s departure. I’m sure that’s true but I’d say with A-Lex they’re walking a line somewhere between full-on assualt and the heavy melodic power of Chaos. A-Lex is a concept album based on A Clockwork Orange and I believe it shows through pretty well. A-Lex, by the way, is a modified form of the Latin phrase for “without law” (ab+ lex).

    All of the songs titled as “A-Lex” (i.e. I, II, III, and IV) begin with electronic intros, lead into a pounding instrumental, and then transition back out with some electronic sounds. It’s almost as if these pieces serve as segues between different portions of a musical storyline and they do so pretty successfully. My only gripe is that the album starts off with one and it was a big of a stutter start to the album. After the first track, “Moloko Mesto” is some blazing thrash. THIS is more of what I expected. The album has a great flow to it. Most of the songs are short and to the point while keeping your blood pumping. The tracks go from thrash to some more melodic metal to a concept song to thrash, etc., etc. When I say more melodic metal, think Pantera’s “Walk”. The screaming is there. The energy is there. And this ain’t no Metallica Black Album. These guys mean business. Then they throw in another “A-Lex” track to remind you that it’s a concept album.

    There were some songs on here that had a bit of a different feel to them. “Sadistic Values” is the longest song on the album at 6:50 and it has about three minutes of a dark and mellow electronic intro followed by some thrash. “Metamorphosis” seems to have aimed for a much darker sound than many of the other songs. “Filthy Rot” gives you some of those classic Sepultura drums like “Refuse/Resist” did on Chaos. “The Experiment” sounds like it was lifted right off the Chaos album. The only song that really sticks in my side is “Ludwig Van”. It has orchestral strings with the occasional guitars thrown in an attempt to make it sould like Beethoven if he wrote for a metal band. My issue is that it ends up sounding more like one of those lame Trans Siberian Orchestra commercials. It flat out bites.

    “Ludwig Van” aside, I really like A-Lex even if the title tracks break it up into pieces. I made the comparison earlier in the review and I’ll expand on it here. I believe if you take out the “A-Lex” tracks and “Ludwig Van”, you have an album that’s got a pretty similar feel to Pantera’s Far Beyond Driven or The Great Southern Trendkill. You’ll see mosh pits in your mind without the music ever getting monotonous in the way that some thrash does. If you liked Chaos A.D. or the Pantera trilogy of Vulgar Display through Trendkill, I’d highly recommend A-Lex to you.

    Posted on January 8, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now