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  • This is, to me, possibly Sepultura’s most consistent album since “Arise”. The songwriting and textures the reach here is AMAZING my friends. I think they couldn’t get to that level of strenght in an album again but here we are. If you’re a new-comer to Sepultura you would do great starting your collection right here!!! I have liked almost every record by them but when it comes to consistency this album really outstands!!!

    Here’s something for every Sepultura fan and more than you would expect.
    Every song is great, even “Ludwig Van” which I think is very classy, very mature. They should be very proud of that one. The rest of the songs are incredible metal music, straight to the point. “Strike” (listen to that one), “The Experiment”, “Metamorphosis”, “Sadistic Values”, “What I Do!”. NEW SEPULTURA CLASSICS RIGHT THERE. Jean Dolabella is one hell of a drummer (listen to final section of “The Treatment” or “Paradox” or “Moloko Mesto”)

    No time for the stupid whining. “we want max” “max is Sepultura” OMG!!! Please people get a life!!!!!!!! I don’t care about Max no more. I’m sick and tired of all the people denigrating Sepultura’s work just beacuse Max left more than 12 years ago!!!! COME ON!! GET OVER IT. Period.

    How can you be so miserable to deny the great work on the Derrick Green albums?? I challenge you (use the comment section) to listen to “A-Lex” (especially) or “Nation” or “Against” or “Roorback” or “Dante XXI” an tell me objectively that they can’t hold up to ANY other Sepultura album. Here, Listen to “Beneath The Remains” and then right after listen to “A-Lex” (in its entirely of course) an tell me the later sucks. I DEAR YOU!!!!

    This is a new age for Sepultura. One age that started with “Dante XXI” and continues with this superb album that tops almost every other record from Sepultura. But without a doubt this is better than “Roots” (way more focused) which I think is an extremely overrated.

    If like heavy stuff, this will blow you away!!!!!! Classic Sepultura album!!!!

    Posted on January 8, 2010