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  • Sepultura has been out there, pounding our ears for decades now. They may not have achieved fame in America found by more mainstream thrashers, but they have been a heavy metal fan’s band for those who respect the noise. Either through Cavalera or Green, Sepultura cannot be denied.

    A-lex is not an album made of tracks or singles. Let’s face it, this is not the 80s and people in America are not screaming for metal like they used to. The landscape has changed. But this album is solid and worthy of many accolades. It has a cohesive feel to it. Though there are breaks with the titular songs, almost like interludes, there is still a feeling that this album is an album and not a collection of songs.

    I liken it to both Arise and Dante XXI, especially the latter. True, both are related to/based on literature, but more importantly, both Dante XXI and A-lex get close to some sort of rock-opera feel. Not cheesy, just thematic.

    I like the orchestral, symphonic feel of Ludwig Van. But then I like classical music anyway. Buy it. Enjoy. Like the guys from Kyuss say on Sky Valley, listen without interruption.

    Posted on January 8, 2010