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A Long March: The First Recordings

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  • As I Lay Dying are a prime example of how Metallic Hardcore should be done, and needless to say the material on both the 2002 EP and 2001s Beneath The.. are full of the amazing metalcore youd expect to hear from a band that near invented the genre.

    The confusion arrising from this release was the re-recording aspect. Some seemed to believe that this would be both a re-recording on the EP and on Beneath The.. but sadly it is not. The cd is just a repackaging of the 2 cds put together, with a “re-recorded” version of the EP which (other than Reinvention) seems to have been simply lifted and reordered from Frail Words Collapse. This was personally a great disappointment for me because i thought itd be great to hear if theyd done anything different with the songs, but sadly they have not.

    Needless to say, if i didnt have the EP and album already, this wouldve been a complete waste other than getting to hear a better version of Reinvention. I wouldnt recommend it to anyone looking for something new.

    Posted on November 25, 2009