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A Long March: The First Recordings

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  • AS I LAY DYING are the best metalcore band around and this cd proves just that, all the songs are straight out raw and brutal. This cd is a reprint of their early albums as they went out of print, and anyone that thought this cd was a dissapointment is a idiot and possiblly likes Hip Hop or Rap music, like the couple of reviews above this. How could you think this was new stuff (apart from the last 4 songs that have been re-recorded), maybe your mentally challangened. This album was made for people that DID NOT have Beneth The Encasing OF Ashes as it went out of print. Of course its gonna suck if you allready have it. But if you dont this is possibly the best AS I LAY DYING album out. I believe this is better that Frail or Shadows.

    Posted on November 25, 2009