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A Night at the Opera (30th Anniversary Coll. Ed) [CD/DVD Combo]

A Night at the Opera (30th Anniversary Coll. Ed) [CD/DVD Combo] thumbnail

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  • Loving 70s Queen so much, I always fantasised about “remixed” releases, not just “remastered” ones. A lot of the 70s production for Queen lacks the necessary balls – and because they were so clever with so many different layers, brilliant ideas sometimes seem to become lost or compressed into a ‘tight’ space.

    This DVD has obliterated this problem. Listening to the DTS 5.1 DVD (especially after knowing the album in a certain form for so long) was for me, akin to a religious experience. From the thundering drums of “Death on Two Legs”, to the swirling Freddie in the middle of “The Prophet Song”, the Queen fan is immersed in a wash of brilliance, elegance and rock from all directions. I wasn’t aware of the original instrument tracks being available for them to produce such a release so on hearing this, my excitement about the band has started all over again.

    The reviewer here who says not to buy this because the video footage is crap must not have heard the DTS mix with 5.1 speakers around him – he simply would not have said such a thing if he had. The video is secondary here – I actually love it, but of course it’s about the aural experience.

    Be ready to transcend to another level in your musical experience.

    Posted on January 17, 2010