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A Night at the Opera (30th Anniversary Coll. Ed) [CD/DVD Combo]

A Night at the Opera (30th Anniversary Coll. Ed) [CD/DVD Combo] thumbnail

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    First let me make it clear that that “A Night At The Opera” is a 5 star album. The music is amazing, brilliant and beautiful. It’s hard to argue that it was one of Queen’s finest albums, as well as one of the finest albums ever in it’s genre. I don’t think anything will ever change that.

    The reason I had to give this collection 3 stars is because of the DVD included–certainly the reason I opted to buy this item (I already own it on vinyl and CD). However, I must say I am terribly disappointed with the DVD footage. The “new” videos it features are no more than edits of live footage over the studio recordings. And unfortunately, these appear awkward since Freddie’s lips and Brian’s hands are often slighly out of sync with the video.
    Also included are music videos not even featuring Queen footage, but old stock footage of “related” material. “Seaside Rendezvous” is nothing more than old video of beaches. Certainly nicely done, but not really
    Thankfully, the commentary really helps. If it wasn’t for this I would have given the disc an even worse rating. Though, since it’s “archive commentary” it doesn’t quite “need” to be there. The bands gives some great background information on the album–though not generally about the specific tracks that the commentary correspond with.

    Perhaps this is a “must” for a die-hard Queen fan, as it’s an okay collection of rare QUEEN images and video. However, this doesn’t sway my disappointment. It would have been more entertaining simply to include the live audio w/the corresponding live video. And personally, as a huge Queen fan I would much rather hear a rare live recording with live footage than the awkward out-of-sync music from an album I have already been quite familiar with for years. It just seems very pointless to me. Where’s the NEW commentary? Or rare studio footage?

    I really wanted to like the DVD in this set, but I just couldn’t. It doesn’t do the album the justice it deserves. It was produced unpassionately, simply with the purpose to make money. The producers threw in a bunch of great Queen stuff, but didn’t really do much work to it. The DVD menu screen is and presentation is well done, but that’s not what you’re buying this collection for. I am a videographer and editor myself, and I could have edited together this same production even BETTER had I had access to all these footage. It’s a mediocre production clearly not driven by the passions of a true Queen fan.


    Buy this if you want MORE of Queen and some interesting info about the album. It’s certainly not much to spend to add to your Queen collection. However, is it essential to your Queen collection? No, not at all.. Like I said, the album itself still remains incredible. Though, the odds are if you’re a Queen fan, you already own it. If you’re NOT a Queen fan yet, STILL get this album. You can’t really go wrong by buying the collecton with the DVD–but DO NOT expect to be impressed by the DVD. There’s much better Queen stuff out there to spend your money on.

    Posted on January 17, 2010