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A Real Live Dead One

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  • I am a very passionate Iron Maiden fan, and also I bought the A Real Live Dead One album and unlike many other people I enjoy it. But first of all, let’s analyze this album objectively.First thing, the track selection. The track selection of this album could be better, I believe it, but it’s not really a matter of complaint. For instance, in a Real Dead One there are missing some classic cuts from their early periods, such as Aces High, Wrathchild, 22 Acacia Avenue, Flight of Icarus, but in the other hands there are tracks that were very accurately put here such as The Number of the Beast, The Trooper, Two Minutes to Midnight, Hallowed be Thy Name, and practically all. In A Real Live One I really missed Wasted Years, and if they would switch Tailgunner for Hooks in You, it would be better, but as I said, we can’t complain. Afterall Iron Maiden has much too many amazingly nice songs that cannot be resumed only in 25 or 30 tracks.Second the sound quality. I know that Live After Death has better sound than A REal Live Dead One, but also the sound in A REal Live One is not so terrible up to me, is just that the drums and the bass are too loud and the guitars sometimes fade. But even if the sound quality isn’t the best and truth to be told Dickinson’s voice is not at his top performance (it even feels a little bit tired at times) A Real Live Dead One is a very powerful album where you can see some human flaws but above all is very cool. The interaction with the audience, the sing along and the improvisations make some tracks very interesting some of them better (according to my judgement) than the studio versions.For instance there’s Hallowed be thy Name which after the electric part almost feels like Cradle of Filth’s version, Sanctuary, 2 Minutes to Midnight, Heaven Can Wait, Afraid to Shoot Strangers (but I really prefer to hear Blaze Bailey performing that song, The Trooper, Bring Your Daughter … To the Slaughter, etc.Definitely this is far from the best Iron Maiden recording but is a very good complement for an Iron Maiden collection. And here’s one final advice: see it as a collection of live rarities, and an anthology of concert numbers and you’ll learn to enjoy it as much as me.

    Posted on January 31, 2010