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A Sense of Purpose

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  • I’m going to be honest……….I didnt really like the new album all that much when I first heard it. However, it grows on you. I can say that it is not Jester Race, Whoracle or Colony. Thank God it is not Reroute to Remain…….my least favorite In Flames album. I would say A Sense of Purpose is a combination of Clayman and Soundtrack to your Escape. If you didnt like those albums, then dont buy this one. Their last few albums have been very good, and in some instances groundbreaking. Lets remember one thing though. No two In Flames albums are alike. If you take Whoracle and compare it to Soundtrack to Your Escacpe you would think it was a different band. If you take Jester Race and Compare it with Colony you would think they had a different singer. If you take any album they have made and compare it with Reroute to Remain you would be confused. That kind of variety does not make it bad music, it keeps the music fresh and interesting. In Flames still has a signature guitar sound, with melodic riffs and heavy licks. Lets face it, most guys who play guitar would give their left arm to play like Jesper and Bjorn. Give the album a chance because it rocks hard and you can sing along with it. Gone are the days of singing about “Insectiod Eyes”. Its about time an extreme metal act gets credit for writing incredible music AND great lyrics.


    Posted on December 23, 2009