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A Sense of Purpose

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  • This is In Flames ninth release and is a bit more melodic than death metal sounding albums unlike their previous releases. Of course, they still are a death metal band, but singer Anders Friden slightly changes his vocal styles. He doesn’t growl as much with his singing as with previous albums. The second song and in my opinion best track is “A Sense of Purpose”, which Friden snarling out lyrics many can relate to.

    The band over the years have maintained a great reputation for being a great death metal band. This album has Friden displaying a more diverse style of vocals that’s more inviting to fans. Songs like “Sleepless Again” and “Alias” have scorching guitar rhythms and unforgettable hooks. The whole album is crafted with the perfect agro (you know, meaning aggressive) music that captures any metal music fan.

    Posted on December 23, 2009