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A Sense of Purpose

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  • In-Flames gave me what I would expect from In-Flames; metal packed music with fast paced, melodic, heavy guitar riffs, accompanied by the powerful, busy drums that give each guitar riff a new meaning as it does multiple rhythms in single parts. Bjorn’s vocals on this album are as always powerful and well fitting to the melody and follow the music fantastically all the way through. Although many metal singers do this, I am a big fan of the way Bjorn switches from the scream to the voice on many of the songs as he gives the songs more range and he manages to bring out the melody further when he does the switches.
    All in all Sense of Purpose is an outstanding metal album, however, I only give it four stars because I feel there is no progression from their previous album Come Clarity in regards to songwriting. Listening to Sense of Purpose, as much as I liked it, I felt it could have been named Come Clarity Part II. Despite that personal view of mine, I advise any metal fan to without hesitation buy this album…

    Posted on December 24, 2009