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  • 1) If, like me, you didn’t really get into the so-called “synth period” of Rush, this albums gives you a good slice of that period of the band to make up for the studio albums you probably neglected to buy.2) All Rush live albums are incredible. They perform their songs with almost mathematical precision, but still add a bit of live grit to them as well.Now for the bad. If you’re not familiar with this material, it’s pretty synth heavy and can come off a bit cerebral and sterile. This is definitely music for the head. I happen to like it. While I never got too into this period for the band, songs like “Mission” are really quite compelling, with incredible lyrics. And Geddy’s use of both synth and bass is really incredible. You almost forget that he is playing both instruments.Another gripe. You get the sense that Peart was a little too excited about his new MIDI triggers. Geddy too. It’s neat to hear the technology, but it does lack some grit of their older playing.Last gripe. “Closer to the Heart” was on “Exit . . . Stage Left,” this album, and later on “Different Stages.” This is overkill. I sincerely hope they leave it off the NEXT live album.Overall, it’s a great listen of some incredible live performances. The synths are very heavy, but I happen to like it overall.

    Posted on February 17, 2010