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  • Soundgarden. What can you say? Their music is absolutely timeless. They’ve made some of the best rock songs ever, and “A-Sides” captures a good amount of them. From anthems like “Black Hole Sun” and “Blow Up The Outside World”, to the more soft rock songs like “The Day I Tried To Live” and “Burden In My Hand”, to the proto-metal of “Jesus Christ Pose” and “Rusty Cage”, to some of my personal favorites “Outshined” (I love the sludge riff) and “Pretty Noose” (the bass notes in this song are amazing), Soundgarden covered it all. Of course a few songs were missing (both “My Wave” and the title track on “Superunknown” come to mind), but it was obvious that was gonna happen, Soundgarden has a very big selection of material. With that said, you also shouldn’t rob yourself by ignoring their other albums, as Soundgarden had just as many good songs that aren’t singles. But the material here is more than worth your time and investment. And the extra track “Bleed Together” is a great song with a punk edge, but still being catchy. “A-Sides” isn’t the best of the best, but some of the best from a legendary band. It’s highly recommended to rock fans who have yet to get into the band. Soundgarden didn’t just carry the grunge flag the longest, they were one of the last rock bands that actually mattered. After Soundgarden broke up, rock music just wasn’t the same.

    Posted on February 23, 2010