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  • This greatest hits collection shows the listener the ENTIRE side of Soundgarden. They should not really be classified as a METAL band – If you listen to this disk ENTIRELY, you will know why. It takes you through ALL the most popular songs from the SCREEMING FOR LIFE ep through DOWN ON THE UPSIDE. (Along with an unrealeased track BLEED TOGETHER) Examples of why Soundgarden is one of the more crafty bands in the hard rock era can be heard throughout: The Sabbath-type riffs, with a touch of punk in NOTHING TO SAY….The rawness and brutality of FLOWER….The polished, change in tempo of RUSTY CAGE….The hard-rockin, politically charged HANDS ALL OVER….The smoothness and psychadelica of BLACK HOLE SUN and BLOW UP THE OUTSIDE WORLD…The hardcore punk sound of TY COBB….The list goes on and on…Soundgarden is one of the only bands to experiment with all these styles and make them work. A sad thing they are no more. BUT – Do yourself a favor, and get everyone of Soundgardens CDs…There is ALOT more great music from Cornell & Co on their other releases..You dont KNOW what your missing. The only reason I purchased this was for the unreleased BLEED TOGETHER – and it was worth EVERY dime.

    Posted on February 23, 2010