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  • Soundgarden, whilst not only being the most underated band of all time, was the cause of early 90’s Seattle fame. Sure they weren’t very sucessful when they came out in the 1980’s but they had a distintive sound that influenced Alice In Chains, Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Soundgarden are easily my favourite band now and this CD was my first introduction to their sound (I picked it up when I heard that “that guy from Soundgarden” was going to be the new lead singer for my beloved Rage Against The Machine) and honestly, the day I picked up this CD I constanly reflect on as one of the highlights of my life.Every track on this CD oozes a raw quality that in my mind is still original to this group. Tracing right back to the early EP days and the debut album Ultramega OK. The tracks Nothing To Say and Flower are haughtly constructed songs with all emotions. The Loud Love period is displayed with 3 songs which show the bands coming into it’s genre and the strenghing of it’s style. Which brings us right up to The Badmotorfinger- Superunknown style. Clearly Soundgarden at it’s peak as a whole. Each of the 7 tracks on A-sides from this era feature an exceptional quality with my personal favourite being Outshined, one of my all-time favourite songs. It was during this period that Chris Cornell and Matt Cameron recorded the now legendary Temple Of The Dog Album with Pearl Jam members. Down On The Upside, Soundgardens last album and possibly it’s most mainstream is credited with 4 tracks on the album and The Bonus track, Bleed Together show The band in form during this period.All in all this album is a brilliant buy. This band truly have an unique sound and each member holds their own beautifully. Matt Cameron’s flawless timing on Drums, Ben Shepard’s electric Bass Work, Kim Thayil’s brilliant solos which couple together with Cornells guitar work to produce a molten wall of intense riffs. All of these play second-fiddle in my opinion to Chris Cornell’s Amazing Voice. The Man is a god with a range I could only dream to possess and the brutality of his delivery truly shine in every one of the songs on this album.Buy it now. I can’t tell you honestly that you will not be dissapointed.

    Posted on February 24, 2010