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A Touch of Evil

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  • After nearly 40 years of recording and performing, Judas Priest continues to deliver the goods while not falling into cliche-laden posturing that turns many “classic rock” bands into cartoon caricatures that pound out the same tired arrangements while playing gigs on the summer rib cook-off circuit.

    With four of the 11 tracks from the last two albums – Angel of Retribution and the vastly underrated Nostradamus – and seven cuts dipping deep into the back catalog, there is an eclectic mix that generates powerful electricity. Rob Halford basks in glory with an incredible performance on Painkiller, but it’s bassist Ian Hill and drummer Scott Travis who “rocka rolla” by breaking through the wall of sound on Riding on the Wind and Prophecy.

    Rarely do live albums drift away from the comfort zone of cranking out fan favorites while easily (lazily?) helping to fulfill the number of titles required in the contractual deal with the record company. Judas Priest breaks that mold.

    Posted on January 31, 2010