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A Touch of Evil

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  • This is one hell of a live metal album! It’s Priest at their most ferocious. I’ve only listened to it 3 times so far but the first thing I noticed was that Priest haven’t sounded this heavy since `The Sinner’ & `Victim Of Changes’ from Unleashed In The East.
    From the very start of the album (Judas Rising), the album rocks so hard & heavy and demands to be played loud. Watch out though – the low bass-rumbles may disintegrate your speakers.
    This is the most evil-sounding I’ve heard the band sound live and I’m sure Satan and Tony Iommi were sitting there together smiling at every show.
    `Dissident Aggressor’ is the perfect example of the `Sabbath-style’ heaviness that is present throughout the album and is a personal favourite. I’d only ever heard this track live when I saw them on this tour and was blown away with it’s power.
    The album is so consistent that I seriously can’t single out any highlights. The only song that may to be out of place on this set, although it’s a good track, is `Riding on the Wind’ – it just doesn’t seem dark enough with everything that surrounds it.
    Yes, Halford can’t & doesn’t try to reach the notes he once did – at least not on a constant basis. However, his lower register vocals are still very effective and still irreplaceable (except maybe on ‘Painkiller’ which no one can sing)- respects to Ripper Owens for a great job in the interim.
    Tipton & Downing haven’t lost touch – and the drumming…..what can I say – Scott Travis is brilliant, and together with Hill are an awesome rhythm machine.
    One of the best decisions made by the band is that they have avoided cramming on the album the `always present on live albums/dvds’ songs like `You Got Another Thing Comin’, `Breaking The Law’, Living After Midnight’ etc. although they did play these songs on their last 2 tours. This makes for a much-welcomed and refreshing song list instead of the usual repetitions many bands deliver with live albums.
    One thing that may annoy people with this album is that the songs are taken from different shows from their last 2 tours and the end of each track is faded out between songs. This does take away the atmosphere & continuous flow of a live show and i’ve now lowered my star rating from 5* down to 4* from my original review based on this reason.
    All in all, it still is a really great and essential live Priest offering.

    Posted on January 31, 2010