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Abigail II: The Revenge

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  • Once again King has come up trumps with a follow up to the twisted tale of Abigail, only this time there are two Abigails to contend with for the price of admission.Who ever said that less is more? The story moves nicely and the songs avoid simply becoming a narration for the plot as has sometimes become the case in other Diamond releases (see Voodoo). The musical style is certainly different in flavour to the first chapter, less neo classical perhaps and more like the magnificant “9″ opus by King’s other band which certainly allows the songs to breath a lot more. The stand out track for me is the lavish “Spirits” and indeed on a side note all the songs co-written with long time guitarist Andy La Roque have a little extra dimension of melody that helps things enormously. Other highlights must be opener “The Storm” with souless siren howls heard in the background depicting the storm in morbid harmonic style. This in turn is followed by the one two kick of “Mansion in Sorrow” with its catchy chorus and “Miriam” which both take us back screaming and kicking to where it all began. When I heard this release was coming along I really didn’t have too much faith in how a sequel could be justified let alone interesting. However the plot is held together in a very clever method (though like me you may have to read the lyrics and supplied family tree a couple of times)and it certainly does not disappoint. The artwork supplied on the cover and booklet is awesome too and both certainly deserve a mention. Another triumphant release from our brother grim the one and only King Diamond!

    Posted on November 29, 2009