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  • First off, this is not Satanic Metal….I just wanted to get that straight.

    What this is, is nothing short of genius. I love King Diamond, and Abigail was the first King I ever picked up.

    From the very first listen, I was addicted for life. This story is bone-chilling, and the production is flawless. This release opened up all kinds of new doors in the world of Heavy Metal.

    Some may consider this Kings 2nd or even his 3rd best recording, putting Mercyful Fates’ “Mellissa” or “Don’t Break The Oath” above it, and that’s alright. I love both of those releases as well….

    Nobody does it quite like King, and even today, he’s still going strong. His latest release “House Of God” is excellent as well.

    Many people may be turned-off by his make-up, or his scary stories, but let me tell you something, after listening to this, none of that will matter anymore. You will be so impressed with the pure talent these guys hold, that you’ll beat yourself for not buying this earlier…..TRUST ME.

    I’ve been a Metalhead since 1980, and Iron Maiden are my favorite Heavy Metal band. Not since Maidens “Piece Of Mind” has there been a release that has effected me as much as this did. I put “Abigail”, “Mellissa”, and “D.B.T.O.” in the top 10 Heavy Metal recordings of all-time!!!

    Even after “Abigail”, King has stayed true to his nature, and in these days, that’s very rare. I hope you enjoy every second of Abigail, I know I do…..every single time I hear it.

    If you like this, and I’m sure you will, check out all of the other CD’s I mentioned above…..They are all considered monumental releases in the history of Heavy Metal…

    Posted on November 18, 2009