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  • I own the remastered version of this album. I must say that I really love it, but the too much evident influences from Iron Maiden and Judas Priest make me hesitate in giving five stars to it. Also, it sounds less progressive and mature than the next three releases of the band. For these reasons I give four stars (and a half!) to “Abigail”, in spite of its high quality and its historical importance.As a concept album, the storyline is superb. This is a horror tale, and has nothing to do with satanic cults and all that commercialist and childish stuff surrounding KD since Mercyful Fate. The musicianship is also impeccable. Vocals are as good as usual, delivering passion, anger and fear; while keeping a majestic and mysterious style in every track. Drums and bass, added to vocals, probably form the most attractive playing ensemble of this album. However, guitars don’t sound so elaborated here, although show by times where they would go one year later. I’d say that the guitar work here is very good, but doesn’t peak because of some abuse of metal clich├ęs.On a more positive way: in the remastered version of “Abigail” you’ll find a bonus song titled “Shrine”. This song is bombastic and explosive, but it wasn’t included in the original LP due to some divergence from the overall concept. I recommend this tune to any metal fan. The opening riff is an instant classic, and its melody is one of KD’s greatest.You’ll also find in the remastered CD three more bonus tracks that are different versions (raw mixes) of some songs that you already know. These are mixes without keyboards, containing some variations from the definitive songs. I find them very interesting. Of all of them, please listen carefully to “The Family Ghost” raw mix. Its harmonies and choirs are really great! To finalize my comments: this is a very good job and a milestone in KD’s career. Don’t miss it, even if I find “Them”, “Conspiracy” and “The Eye” more sophisticated and mature. “Abigail” is a masterpiece, and you must pay attention to it if you are an actual metal fan!

    Posted on November 19, 2009