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  • Growing up I listened to such metal-lite bands as Def Leppard and Warrant. I never really took an interest in darker sounding metal. My first exposure to darker metal was seeing album covers of old Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne in a record store. They used to send chills down my spine and developed a kind of fear of listening to that kind of music (hey, I was a preteen at the time). Even Iron Maiden would give me the shivers until a guitar instructor played Powerslave for me when I was a Jr. in high school. Over the years (I am now in my late 20’s) heavy metal has become my music of choice. The internet has brought the ability to explore different bands that I have never heard before and expand my tastes. I’ve never and will never get into death metal or any type of true thrash. A singer who actually sings is a must. I also don’t really care for doom-type lyrics.One band/singer that has always been an enigma to me has been King Diamond. Just the look of the guy kept me away from his music and he really stayed out of my conscience all these years. Well, thanks to the convenience of the internet, I had the opportunity to read a synopsis of Abigail and also read an interview where King Diamond explains his spiritual beliefs. Although I think he is a lot mixed up about the eternal picture, I got to see the man behind the makeup and realized that hey he really isn’t any better or worse than any other singer I listen to. In fact, even as a Christian I can say that some of King Diamond’s beliefs are closer to how the Bible explains the truth than what even so-called Christians believe. Anyway, it seems like he plays a character like Alice Cooper.Well the story of Abigail intrigued me (I am a fan of classic horror movies), no mention or glorification of Satan present, so I thought I finally reached a point where I would overcome this “fear” of King Diamond and buy a King Diamond CD. The hair on my arms was actually standing on end as the The Funeral started and the intro to The Arrival began. The anticipation of what King Diamond’s voice would sound like was unnerving. Would it be a monumental $17 mistake? Would it make me want to go out on a killing spree and perform a black mass? The answer resoundingly to both of these questions is NO. Straight up, King’s voice is awesome. Everybody who puts Midnight (ex-Crimson Glory) up on a pedastal better make a little room for this guy. He puts on a vocal onslaught unmatched by anybody but the aforemention Midnight. The music is dark as expected but melodic.As an example of how much I like this CD…I bought Abigail along with CD’s by Nocturnal Rites, Brainstorm, Heavenly, and Metalium right before an hour drive home from work. I had it all figured out, 12 minutes per CD. Well, I couldn’t eject Abigail out of my CD player. I wanted to hear every song. King Diamond went from being a monster in my mind to being a storyteller and great singer (Midnight meets H.P. Lovecraft).If you take King Diamond for what he really is, than you won’t miss out on some great music. I’m going to the CD store today to buy “Them.”

    Posted on November 19, 2009