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About a Burning Fire

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  • Blindside’s follow up to the solid Silence is just as pleasantly hard rocking, and more consistent throughout. They haven’t changed their sound much, still pumping out very enjoyable Christian-themed hard punk, although they do take a few more chances on About a Burning Fire.

    The record starts off with a few vintage Blindside tracks, “Eye of the Storm”, “Follow You Down”, and the single “All of Us”. They all contain great hard guitars and enjoyable, catchy refrains. The next song, “Shekina”, is a step in a different direction, featuring a beautiful female vocal, nice music, and some lyrics in the band’s native Swedish.

    The next couple songs are the most forgettable. “Hooray, It’s L.A.” features Billy Corgan on the guitar, but you wouldn’t know if they didn’t tell you. “Swallow” has a slightly infectious chorus, but these songs are merely solid, not really good. The next really good track on the album is “After You’re Gone”, which is a little too short. It’s a great song with really haunting lyrics, and it really gets you caught up in its power.

    The next couple tracks are a bit of a departure. “Where the Sun Never Dies” starts out fairly standard but ends with an unusual (for this band) techno interlude, and “Roads” is an out-of-nowhere, slow-moving song with a Western flair that’s kind of hard to describe. The final song is the title track, which goes back to what Blindside does best, hard guitar riffs accompanied by towering, throat-shredding vocals. It’s a good way to end an album for an album that does what they do about as good as anyone.

    Posted on January 18, 2010