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About a Burning Fire

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  • Ive been listening to Blindside since their self titled debut back in 97. I have every cd and with everyone you see how they are changing. Blindside was the best hands down. It had everything youd ever want. ATCMM is the most hardcore and is my second favorite. Silence would be my least favorite. Not saying its bad but About A Burning Fire takes third. If you like Blindside. Get their first cus you cant say you like them unless you have there original. That is Blindside by definition.Eye Of The Storm- 5/5 – Awsome way to start the cd. It begins with a smooth clean playing and then burst into the Blindside we love and makes you say holy crapFollow You Down- 5/5- This song really shines on their older stuff with the screaming and just head banging feel. All Of Us- 4/5 – This is one of my least favorites just cus it gets repetitive. But its still cool to see them do a slow subtle songShekina- 5/5 – One of my favs. Its just a beautiful work of art that cant be taken for grantedHooray Its La- 3/5- I usually skip this song just because it gets old really fast. I expected to hear Corgans voice but he just plays guitar which is still cool but at the same time a let down.Swallow- 5/5- Very awsome. Another song that reminds me of their roots. Its a really cool headbanging song too. Tyte break too.Die Buying – 2/5- I dont like this at all. Its just not good.Across Waters Again- 4/5 – Not bad, but nothing special. Another song to skip.After Your Gone- 2/5 – Not worth the timeWhere The Sun Never Dies- 4/5 – After a row of not too exciting songs, they start to go back up hill and keeps the cd fresh and good.Roads- 4/5 – One of those songs you shouldnt like just cus youve heard it before but its still good and just relaxing to listen to. Its enjoyable and a great set up for the best song yet …About A Burning Fire – 7/5- Hands down the best song on the cd. This song combines the history of Blindsides music and all their screaming,emotions, singing and instrumental talent into one awsome song. I never get tired of it. Great way to end the cd.If you like Blindside first get their cds you might not have. then get this one. Its amazing

    Posted on January 18, 2010