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AC/DC Live

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Double CD collector’s edition of AC/DC’s 1992 live album digitally remastered and reissued in a special digipak plus a 16 page full color booklet containing all original album art, many unpublished photos, classic memorabilia and new 2003 liner notes. 23 tracks. Epic.

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  • AC/DC is one of the best-selling hard rock bands of all time, yet they have never succumbed to temptation and put out a greatest hits-compilation.But they did release this excellent double live album back in 1992. “Live” contains more than two hours of AC/DC’s best songs in raw, muscular renditions, and the sublime set list wisely overlooks the songs from the band’s mid-’80s slump and concentrates on hard rock classics such as “Hells Bells,” “Back In Black,” “Highway To Hell”, “Whole Lotta Rosie”, “Sin City” and the bluesy “The Jack”, as well as showcasing the best songs from the band’s 1990 album “The Razors Edge”.Brian Johnson’s voice may not be as strong as in the early ’80s, but he still sounds more than competent, and at no point do AC/DC come off like an ageing rock band just going through the motions.”AC/DC Live” bristles with energy, Angus Young’s solos are as fiery as ever, and the rock-steady Malcolm Young bashes out bluesy riffs and power chords like no-one else seems to be able to do.One of the best live rock albums of the 90s.

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  • I’m generally not a huge fan of live albums, but when I came across this concert performance of AC/DC, I just had to check it out. “Live” is two plus hours of unadulterated hard rock that’s everything we could expect from these guys. The group cruises through their history from the early days of Bon Scott right up to their 1990 album “Razors Edge.” To be honest, I wasn’t sure if Brian Johnson could pull it off as a vocalist onstage, but he pleasantly surprised me. Not only does his voice project well in concert, but he sings the Bon Scott songs with enough authority to almost claim them as his own. I was really impressed with his renditions of pre-”Back in Black” material like “High Voltage,” “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” and “Highway to Hell.” And guitarists Angus and Malcolm Young hold their own impressively on personal favorites like “Shoot to Thrill,” “Who Made Who,” and the aggressive “Let There Be Rock.” The reason why “Live” works so well is 1) it’s a fantastic performance of AC/DC and 2) it could also be a greatest hits set as the tracklisting covers the band’s history pretty well. I understand that there’s a single disc version available, but don’t be cheap and get that edition. Go for the gusto and get the double disc version, which has a fourteen minute (yes, fourteen minute) live version of “Jailbreak” which is mandatory listening for any AC/DC fan. If you’re even remotely interested in this group, then “Live” should rank high on your albums to get.

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  • THE BAND: Angus Young (lead guitar & private school-boy attire), Malcolm Young (rhythm guitar), Brian Johnson (vocals), Cliff Williams (bass), Chris Slade (drums & percussion).

    THE DISC: (2003) Digitally remastered. This tri-fold “Collector’s Edition” contains 2 discs – 23 total songs, approx 71 minutes on disc 1, and approx 62 minutes on disc 2. There is a single disc version available as well featuring only 14 of the same songs here (the bigger hits perhaps?)… but I recommend the 2 disc set due to the songs that you’d be missing (namely “Sin City”, “Let There Be Rock”, “High Voltage”, “Jailbreak” and “Are You Ready”). Recorded during the ‘Razor’s Edge World Tour’ in 1990-91 (153 concerts in 21 different countries). The disc also contains a 14-page booklet, with some history, song listing, and band pictures. Label – Sony.

    COMMENTS: It’s been a long 14 years since AC/DC has put out a live album (“If You Want Blood You’ve Got It” in 1978)… in my mind, too long. So much of AC/DC’s music is in your face rock and roll. It’s pure, raw, bluesy, and best played loud. They’re great on stage, they work the crowd, and if you’ve ever been to one of their concerts you know what I mean. The rhaspy bravado of screamer Brian Johnson really goes a long way. At first glance in the store, I though this might be their ‘Monsters Of Rock’ concert from Donnington (of the same year) – but it’s not. The 23 songs here are taken from all over the globe. Disc 1 features some great tunes with highlights being the opener “Thunderstruck”, “Sin City”, “Heatseeker”, “The Jack” and the 14+ minute “Jailbreak”. Disc 2 has more classic material with the highlights being the 10+ minute “High Voltage”, the 12+ minute “Let There Be Rock”, or the closer “For Those About To Rock” with the cannons blasting. AC/DC had a resurrected career and tour with the success of “The Razor’s Edge” album (featuring the mega hits “Thunderstruck” and “Moneytalks”), and this LIVE album captures it. Awesome song list. Great sound. Nicely packaged. Great disc(s).

    Posted on March 11, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This is a great live record, with a great set list, great perfromance by AC/DC, great crowd noise, and some really good produciton. I never had the ‘94 remaster so I can’t compare the sound quality to the new remaster that I have, but it sounds great! VERY highly recommended to any AC/DC fan!

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  • This album hasn’t been recieved well in ANY circle; critics despise it, fans overlook it. The CD has fared best amongst the uninitiated, which was me back in 1992. My first three CD’s were purchased at almost the same time: Metallica’s “Black Album,” Aerosmith’s “Get a Grip,” and AC/DC’s “Live.” I still love all those albums. It puzzles me that “Live” gets very little respect considering the high quality of the band’s material. “Thunderstruck” is better live than on the “Razor’s Edge.” “Who Made Who” live is a total classic. “TNT” is very different from Bon’s version, but not inferior. Sure, the “Back in Black” material is not as good as the original stuff, but the same is not true for the mid-80’s-through-1990 songs.

    Perhaps everyone is partial to the first incantation they remember from the band. A good majority of the fans, swear by Bon Scott’s 70s version of AC/DC (something I’ve never been partial to). Many prefer Brian Johnson’s 80s band. And both of those camps tend to ridicule the post 1991 stuff, myself included. After this album there was the Last Action Hero Soundtrack and a couple albums with three-star material at best. Then again, if that were true, “Live” captures AC/DC at the end of their stride, not their peak. Ahh, for me none of that matters. I think we’re all fond of the first album we ever hear by a band, and this was mine for AC/DC. This is how I remember them.

    Overall: 8 out of 10.

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