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AC/DC Live

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  • This album hasn’t been recieved well in ANY circle; critics despise it, fans overlook it. The CD has fared best amongst the uninitiated, which was me back in 1992. My first three CD’s were purchased at almost the same time: Metallica’s “Black Album,” Aerosmith’s “Get a Grip,” and AC/DC’s “Live.” I still love all those albums. It puzzles me that “Live” gets very little respect considering the high quality of the band’s material. “Thunderstruck” is better live than on the “Razor’s Edge.” “Who Made Who” live is a total classic. “TNT” is very different from Bon’s version, but not inferior. Sure, the “Back in Black” material is not as good as the original stuff, but the same is not true for the mid-80’s-through-1990 songs.

    Perhaps everyone is partial to the first incantation they remember from the band. A good majority of the fans, swear by Bon Scott’s 70s version of AC/DC (something I’ve never been partial to). Many prefer Brian Johnson’s 80s band. And both of those camps tend to ridicule the post 1991 stuff, myself included. After this album there was the Last Action Hero Soundtrack and a couple albums with three-star material at best. Then again, if that were true, “Live” captures AC/DC at the end of their stride, not their peak. Ahh, for me none of that matters. I think we’re all fond of the first album we ever hear by a band, and this was mine for AC/DC. This is how I remember them.

    Overall: 8 out of 10.

    Posted on March 10, 2010