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Ace of Spades

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  • CLASSICK!!!!

    I am by no means a metalhead but this disc is just so danged much FUN!!!!!! No nonsense turn the Marshalls up to 11 rock ‘n roll with good ‘ol Lemmy’s strangled bark and runaway bulldozer bass sound, crashing machine gun drumming and vicious guitar! Plus, ‘ol Lemmy definitely writes some of the most side-splitting funniest lyrics in metal!

    Whenever I need a good laugh or just a shot of adrenaline, this one does the job for me and then some! Also, I have found this VERY useful in clearing my brain of exposure to HORRID new-age music! Throw this on and you’ll be barkin’ and growlin’ with The Lemster in no time!

    Posted on January 30, 2010