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Ace of Spades

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  • As I sit here listening to the Ace of Spades album I can’t help but say a few words even though another positive review of this classic album isn’t at all necessary.
    You’ve undoubtedly heard of this album, own it or at least have heard the title track. Ace of Spades is the most popular and famous Motorhead album. It’s their British Steel, Number of the Beast, Dark Side of the Moon, Agents of Fortune, etc, etc. And like those albums, it’s very strong and very solid. It’s not the best album Motorhead has done, nor is it the only one someone should buy. These guys continue to put out great stuff(look no further than 2004’s Inferno for that).
    One of the best qualities of Motorhead is that there is no B.S. with these guys. They achieved their legendary status by simply being themselves and never having to compromise. Wanting to continue in the tradition of the original concepts of Rock and Roll music-music that is loud, wild, energetic, tough, dirty and bugs the hell out of parents-Motorhead have made it their mission to be the rowdiest, dirtiest and loudest rock band in the world. And they pull it off in….ahem….Spades.
    Motorhead hate being categorized as a heavy metal band. In many ways they are quite different than the metal bands of that time, but they do share the same intensity of those bands, even surpassing many of them. Because of it’s volume and energy, it’s quite easy to see why they earn this label. It is easier to think of them more as a very loud and energetic biker type rock band. The album cover pretty much sums up the sound of the band-Rough looking outlaw looking types who don’t look like the kind of guys you wanna screw around with.
    Ace of Spades is a very good intro to the newcomer. Some disagree with me, but I really don’t feel there are any filler songs on this album. It is a great starting point, but don’t think it’s the only great album they did.

    Posted on January 30, 2010