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  • When MTV was releasing the MTV Unplugged albums, I dreamed about the day when Scorpions could have their own acoustic album. With so many great acoustic songs, they could have easily filled an entire set with songs like “When the Smoke Is Going Down”, “Born to Touch Your Feelings”, “Lonely Nights”, “When You Came Into My Life”, “Under the Same Sun”, and many, many more. Unfortunately, many of these songs aforementioned songs never made it onto Acoustica…instead Scorpions played several cover songs, which was not necessary since Scorpions have plenty of their own material to play. Nirvana just did not have enough material of their own to create an entire set of fully acoustic numbers, but those songs they covered worked well (if not even sounding better than the originals!). Like with Moment of Glory, some songs work well with an orchestra or fully acoustic set, and some songs don’t. Harder songs like Rock You Like A Hurricane and Catch Your Train just don’t work very well without the electricity and amps. “Catch Your Train” was (at first) pleasing to see that they pulled out this old classic, but it was “honkey-tonkey-fied” and sounds HORRIBLE.Some of the songs like “Holiday” and “Send Me An Angel” were changed, which was somewhat interesting, but not particularly memorable.This album had plenty of potential, but I feel that it did not come off nearly as well as it could have. With the large repertoire of songs at their disposal, Scorpions could have easily created a two hour set of beautiful acoustic melodies. Instead, what was sadly put out is one of the least memorable Scorpions albums. I have been listening to Unbreakable nearly non-stop for the past several weeks since its release, yet I have barely listened to Acoustica in the three years I’ve had the album. Live albums such as World Wide Live and Tokyo Tapes present Scorpions in a much better light in what they are capable live, as one of the best live acts ever.

    Posted on January 9, 2010