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  • Last year, the summer of 2001, I was on vacation. I was looking for new music I could listen to when traveling, and stumbled over this release. I didn`t even know it was out, it just suddenly appeared. I bought the cd, and started listening to it. And boy was I positively surprised. I did expect it to be good, but not to be so great it actually is. The intimate mood and the special “Non” Scorpions sound make this a winner. A warm and welcome album from the best Rockers in Europe. It is sort of a combined album. The sound is acoustic, but it doesn`t sound ALL acoustic. It is a special sound, but it is warm and welcome, just like a perfect relaxing summeralbum.The songs. The songs are well performed, but the tracklisting could have been better. Some of the songs are sweet, and my personal favorites, like the new and Beautiful song “Life is too short”, the catchy “The Zoo”, the always fantastic “Still loving you” and the mystical and soothing “Send me an Angel”. All these songs are the album`s highlight, but “Love of my life”, “I wanted to cry(But the tears wouldn`t come)” and “Always somewhere” are great too. The songs that are not so good, would be “You and I”, “Hurricane 2001″ and “Dust in the wind”. These songs are not very good here. Rock you like a hurricane is a great song original, but not stripped down. (I would rather have songs like “When the smoke is going down”, “Coast to Coast” and more classical Scorpions songs, but hey, we can`t get everything!)Anyway, this album is great. I can`t wait for Scorpions to go into Studios again for another Studio-album, but until then this album will fill the time, along with “Love at first sting”, “Animal Instinct” and “Blackout”.

    Posted on January 9, 2010