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  • 4 1/2 stars. Death Angel should get together with King’s X and headline the “cult metal bands that don’t deserve to scrape the budget bins of your record store tour.” I remember not liking this album as much as _Frolic Through The Park_ but revisiting it with a older, wiser and more open pair of ears I had to wonder what the hell my reservations were. Although its more refined than either of the other two DA albums, it boasts immaculate production, excellent and interesting songwriting and composing, mind-blowing musicianship. “Veil of Deception” and “A Room With a View” show a calmer, more textured side of what was essentially a really heavy thrash band. “Falling Asleep” is a great closer, and the mind-blowing hybrid funk-thrash of “Discontinued” is an insane example of an over-talented band just going balls out and laying the smack down. * If you liked this album, BTW, you should hunt down both of the albums by “The Organization S.F.” which are still in print on Metal Blade records. Same lineup here without the venerable Mark Oseguda, and sporting a more refined, melodic and funky attack than DA.

    Posted on February 24, 2010