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Adelitas Way

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  • Adelitas Way, accomplishes what all great rock albums do. It has something for everyone, it’s cool, it’s hot, it’s loud, it whispers, it rocks, it’s emotional, it grips your soul and it is a hellava great record. This new band out of Las Vegas writes songs with great melodies, superior musicianship, unforgettable riffs, hard rockin guitar sections, heart tugging lyrics and energizing vocals. Destined to be 2009’s most favorite album , I see why WWE have already picked up two of their songs.

    I first caught the band, Adelitas Way, at a local concert opening for 10 Years. From the first song there was no mistaking that his band was chock full of supremely talented musicians. Watching this band live is an incredible experience not to be missed, and now fans are treated with their long awaited debut album. And what an album it is. Do not let this one pass you by, Adelitas Way has something very very special that you won’t wanna miss.

    The album opens with three strong selections in a row. The heart pounding power anthem and WWE theme song “Invincible”, followed by one of the heaviest tracks on the album “Scream” and “Dirty Little Thing” destined to be the most memorable track and one everyone will love. The height of the album comes at track 6 and 7. My favorite “So What If You Go” effortlessly transitions into the soul ripping track “Closer to You”. The album changes into the crunchy, funky guitar track “Just A Little Bit” and closes with the very sad “Brother”. Missing from the album is “Inside”, and by my estimation probably one of their best-but no fear, you get it for joining their mailing list.


    “So What If You Go” – Guitar, Guitar, Guitar, you can’t mistake what guitarists Chris and Keith bring to this album, and this song displays some of their work. This is probably my favorite song on the album. The opening transition and screaming riff tears me apart every time. At 2:49 Chris launches into a beautifully integrated solo that rings with fervor and passion rarely seen in a young band.

    “Closer to You” – The anthemy opening fits perfectly at this point on the album. This song has what all great songs possess, it’s happy and sad all at the same time and gets deep inside your heart and stays there.

    “Just A Little Bit” – has a funky vibey opening riff that makes this one of my favorite tracks and is just plain fun. It’s the ultimate party track and displays some of the albums best guitar work.

    Posted on March 15, 2010