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Hey Nightmare Where Did You Get Them Teeth - A Skylit Drive

Lyrics; Run, for your life now Don't you see your princess is gone? Pull your vengeance aside Let's make it rain blood tonight Collide your sword with mine, I'll send your soul To the hell where it came from By this I know you'll never set your eyes On a quest you can't survive It's no surprise your head hangs from my hands Your mouth can't sin or lie Cut through the limbs Stab through the enemies' eyes Any last man will die [x2] She, watching the sky burn oh how it burns Run for the skylines, run for the skylines darling Follow the light of the moon just to stay alive Forgive me For tomorrow If I'm late I've died before I wake Cut through the limbs Stab through the enemies' eyes Any last man will die [x2] What's left for you You, you wanted life I showed you love Conserve protect your life Conserve your life Conserve protect your life Conserve your life Your life is my well being And if it lay in the shadows then so be it But let it be known that this soldier will not rest a day Until he lays in the glamour and the grace of his bride I will not rest one day until my victims blood is shed Up and down the shorelines Up and down the shorelines For God's sake please Don't you forget me I will wait for you [x2] Race the sun Pray for nothing warm


A Skylit Drive - "Rise" Acoustic

Watch A Skylit Drive perform "Rise" exclusively for BryanStars Interviews Watch my first interview with A Skylit Drive HERE:

A Skylit Drive - Rise (Live Video) A Skylit Drive performs "Rise" from their same-titled album "Rise" in NYC. Filmed by: Dan Fried - DP/ 1st Camera / Editor Ste...

A Skylit Drive - All it Takes for Your Dreams to Come True (HD)

Band: A Skylit drive Label: Tragic Hero Records "All it Takes.." was released on A Skylit Drive's DVD "Let Go of The Wires". Sold exclusively at Hot Topic. D...

A SKYLIT DRIVE - I'm Not A Thief, I'm A Treasure Hunter (video)

Distributed by WMG I'm Not A Thief, I'm A Treasure Hunter (video)

Interview: A Skylit Drive

We sat down with Jag at Self Help Fest to talk about influences and the formation of A Skylit Drive.

A Skylit Drive - FULLSET LIVE! [HD] @ The CroFoot Ballroom, Pontiac, MI {Unconditional Tour}

Please Like and sub, every little bit helps :) - Band Scout - IPGtv I do...

A SKYLIT DRIVE - A Reason For Broken Wings

A Skylit Drive - Love The Way You Lie (Punk Goes Pop 4)

A Skylit Drive's cover of "Love The Way You Lie", originally by Eminem & Rihanna, featured on Punk Goes Pop 4. Grab this single and the rest of Punk Goes Pop...

Wires - A skylit drive - with Jag up close warped tour Pomona

A skylit drive playing Wires (and the Concept of Breathing) at warped tour Pomona 6-20-14. Jag jumped down right in front of me! A little shaky, but everyone...