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[RSMV] Ex Machina - A Skylit Drive

"This video went VERY quickly in my eyes." - A quote from one of R0cketrock88's old videos. And it sure as hell did. Even though it took only 2 days longer to complete than Bone Garden, it feels like I finished this in an hour, and at the same time it feels like a year. I still love this song, and it's definitely one of my favourites for a long time to come. ..:: Storyline ::.. I simply didn't want to make a storyline to this one, tbh. Don't get me wrong, I easily could have, what with having an epic battle between oneself, one's emotion, thinking one is a robot/machine thus being able to feel any emotion whatsoever, etc. The possibilities for this song were endless, so I didn't want to limit myself to something if I knew I could do better. So I thought "screw it, I'll just make it how I want to." ..:: Credits ::.. In order of appearance: - Ignorance82 Thanks so much for helping out bro, you're always there if I need some geetaring done, and I'm always there if you need some spamming done. - IronNubicus Cheers Max, I know your section was, for the most part, retarded and quick, but that's how we roll. Giggity. - O Tom O JIMMY, THE CLIPS WE DID WERE SO DAMN SLOW. AND THEY GLITCHED A LOT IN VEGAS. But I still think it turned out the best long clip of the video. Thanks dude. /lessthanthree - Ignorance82 (again) Kay, get out of my video alredy pls. 3: - FUDGE FUCKING G00D Fudge, Adam, dude, bro, man. Fucking you are the best god damned chicken feet-wearing homosapien out there. Nohomo. - Ignorance82 (againwtfbbq) ALRIGHT WTF WE DIDN'T GET THAT MANY GUITAR CLIPS. - FUDGE G00D (again) YOU CAN BE IN MY VIDEO TWICE BECAUSE YOUR MAN/MACHINE TIMING PART WAS HOT. - Ignorance82 (okay, what?) Seriously bro, get out or I call FBI. Sick of this shit, you damn ninja. If I forgot you, then you're a liar, because I re-watched the video, second-by-second, to see the cast. Gtfo, you liar you. ..:: Disclaimer ::.. I own nothing in this video. It is all property of the respective owners; RuneScape to Jagex, A Skylit Drive to Tragic Hero records, etc. Of course, everything in the video is used under the Fair Use law, which entitles people to use their material under the circumstances included, but not limited to, educational or personal reasons; which is what this video was made for.


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rise-a skylit drive lyrics

this is my first video hope you like it subscribe :) i need song suggestions *i do not own this song*

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