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  • You know, I don’t get it, everyone gives Adema a bad rap, saying “They are just another nu-metal band, and have no real talent.” I’ll agree with one part, they are a nu-metal band, but they far exceed most of the other ones out there. Adema can write it all, from fast intense songs (Giving In) to slow well developed songs, which rely more on lyrics than guitar riffs (Speculum). Sure, the singer is related to Jon Davis, but other than in Giving In, he really distances himself from his half brother, only sounding like him on some occasions. Anyway here’s a track breakdown:1. Everyone – A good opening song, really captures the feeling of the album. 4/52. Blow It Away – Another song that captures the feel of the album, you could switch Everyone and Blow It Away and I don’t think that it would take away from the album at all. 4/53. Giving In – The song that got everyone hooked onto Adema, even me. A good solid song and great radio hit. 5/54. Freaking Out – Shows the angry side of the band, lyrics could be better but still not a bad song. 3/55. The Way You Like It – The second Adema single is just as good if not better than Giving In. A little more rap/rock but still sticks to metal. 5/56. Close Friends – This is a very bitter song that has well thought out lyrics as well as good guitar riffs, a truly strong song. 5/57. Do What You Want To Do – A fast intense song that is fairly well done, not the best that Adema can do though. 3/58. Skin – The first in a series of emotional songs, very powerful lyrics give this song some serious punch. 5/59. Pain Inside – Another of the “emotional” songs, not as good as skin but still a powerful song in it’s own way. 4/510. Speculum – The most powerful song on the album, I have found myself close to tears at times when listening to it sometimes, I was completly blown away by the thought it must have taken to write a song like this. 5/511. Drowning – The guitar riff is very much like something that Korn would write, but the lyrics are nothing like Korn, Korn is good, I’m a fan but they couldn’t put this much thought into lyrics.12. Trust – A very good closer to the album, slow and well thought-out, another of the “emotional” songs. One of the best on the album.13. Shattered – I know, I know, it’s not on the American version and now it’s on Insomniac’s Dream, but I downloaded it a while ago and recreated the album with this track on it, a very good song in itself. 5/5Before you say, “Oh, he’s just another nu-metal fan, he doesn’t know metal.” I’ll just tell you that I am a huge Metallica, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Pantera, and Guns ‘N Roses fan. Keep this album in mind for you next [purchase].

    Posted on December 20, 2009