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  • I only heard the songs, “the way you like it,” and “giving in” when I decided to buy Adema’s album. Actually, I didn’t realize that “giving in” was done by them until I got the CD, which was a very nice surprise. I really didn’t know much about the band and I really hadn’t heard anything else about them. Never read magazine articles on them, never saw them on MTV, and rarely even heard them on the radio. So why, you might be asking, did I buy the album when I only heard two songs (or really one song) by them? I like to be surprised. I like to pick up CDs by bands I’ve never heard if it looks interesting enough. I really had no idea what the reaction would be as soon as I popped this CD into my stereo. Well, it has to be said; I LOVE EVERY SINGLE THING ABOUT THIS ALBUM!The lead singer has an awesome voice that can be soft or yelling and screaming at times. There is some excellent guitar playing that will get stuck inside your head no matter how hard you try to get it out. The drumming is intense and ties all of the songs together magnificently.What I was most impressed by the group was their lyrical ability. If you listen to the actual words in the songs, they are so deep and very well constructed. Sure some verses may not rhyme exactly, but that isn’t the point. It’s very rare to find a music group that can put the exact right words into a song. I think most of the songs were written lyrically by the lead singer, as it usually is in most cases. All I can say is the guy has talent. He is able to drive out every single emotion inside your body.The big thing about these guys is that the lead singer is related to Korn’s Jonathan Davis. So what? I mean, that’s interesting and all, but what does that have to do with these guys. And the people who call them Korn…and so on really agitate me, because they have no friggen clue of what these guys are about. Hey, I love Korn, but I’ll go on the record and say that these guys are ten times better than Korn when it comes to song writing. Well, that’s how I feel, and it had to be said.I really can’t list my favorite songs, because I LOVE EVERY SINGLE SONG ON THAT ALBUM. There is no bad song on the whole CD, which is extremely rare. But I think my absolute favorite song is “trust.” I love the music and the lyrics. I mean; “I’m so alone / empty and lost / it’s easier to let you go / time will erode / the shame and the fault / it’s easier to let you go,” it doesn’t get any deeper than that! A word of warning, the songs tend to get very depressing, so you may not want to listen to the CD if you’re feeling a little down in the dumps. Then again, maybe it’ll make you feel better. Don’t know, just thought I would warn you.How would you classify these guys? I wouldn’t put them in heavy metal, and I sure as hell wouldn’t consider them alternative. So what are they? Good question. I think they’re a little in between; not too heavy, yet not too soft. A little like Papa Roach, except there’s a lot more singing from the lead singer. Some songs are heavier than others. If you want to hear a good band with some outstanding lyrics, very much like the kind that can only come out of Trent Reznor or Aaron Lewis, then pick up this CD today. You will not regret it at all. I bought this CD a couple of months ago, and I can’t stop listening to it. Let’s hope radio stations like Q101 doesn’t destroy them by overplaying their songs. Same goes for MTV. This is a great band that speaks for itself and really only needs one listening to realize how good this CD is.

    Posted on December 20, 2009