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  • I have been a diehard Ministry/Al Jourgensen fan since Everyday is Halloween. I have stuck by Old Uncle Al in the good times like Land of Rape & Honey, Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste, Psalm 69, Rio Grande Blood and I have stuck by in the bad times like Dark Side of the Spoon and The Last Sucker. This is their third official live album and supposedly the last Ministry album to be released. (They will be releasing a 2 disc DVD from this tour in May of 2009) This album was recorded in 2008 during their CU-LaTour. It does a pretty good job of capturing the Ministry Live feeling. The Line up on the tour & this album is awesome. Uncle Al, Tommy Victor from Prong, Sin from Revco, Tony Campos from Static-X and Burton Bell from Fear Factory. All in all it’s a pretty good album that shows their raw power live in almost every track. But it does have some downsides.
    First off, it only features songs from the last 3 regular albums: House of the Mole – Rio Grande Blood and The Last Sucker or The Anti George W. Bush trilogy. There are no “Classic” tracks on here. That’s a bummer because they played some great older songs on this CU-LaTour. (I saw them in Denver in April of 2008). The selection of songs on here is the biggest drawback.

    It opens with “Let’s Go” and it just rocks. It is just powerful like having your teeth kicked in by a wall of Guitars. But then the next 4 tracks are all boring ones from the Last Sucker. I didn’t like that album all that much and I don’t like the live version of these 4 songs either.
    Track 6 is where it gets back to kicking a55. “No W” sounds awesome and wicked fast. “Waiting” is spot on and the vocals sound so evil. “Worthless” drags a little bit but again the vocals sound awesome. “Wrong” is Track 9 and it is OK but slows up the fast feel that was going with tracks 6-8.
    They get it back though with “Rio Grande Blood”. It sounds good, the Bush samples sound frickin’ great and the guitars sound tight. “Senor Peligro” sounds balls to the wall awesome, fast, heavy and gritty.
    “LiesLiesLies” is up next and it is my favorite track on here. It’s so powerful and musically perfect. It is hard to believe that it is a live song. The extended ending makes for a nice little treat.
    The last track is “Khyber Pass”. An OK album track but the live version is just boring and it drags out for 8:46. It gets olds too fast.
    Not a perfect record, but still a pretty kick a55 album. Certainly worth the purchase. Or at least download the good tracks. For a Live album, the quality is incredible.
    I think this really is the “Last” Ministry album. I felt The Last Sucker was a letdown and Cover Up was OK. I just hope that Uncle Al doesn’t release another greatest hits/fits or some B-Side album or something like that. Having been a Ministry fan for over 20 years now, I can say (even though it pains me to admit this) that Ministry has run its course. Let it end here, go out on top and don’t drag it out. Adios Ministry, we’ll miss you but we will continue to enjoy every album you’ve made.
    One more thing, Old Uncle Al is still keeping busy. A new Revco album just came out, the Live Adios DVD should be out in May and rumor has it that a New LARD album will also be out in May of this year. Hells Yeah Al, what other new projects do you have up your sleeve?

    Posted on December 7, 2009